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A pint around here

Think about it: sun, beach, beer, spit ...

It sounds like a great plan, so put it on your schedule now!

All you have to do is tell us how many people you are and Avante Claro will take care of everything. ​


You can do it by calling 952 404 734.

IMG_6424 copia.jpg

Want to enjoy a fantastic beach day?

How can I do it?


Decide one day

Make space in your agenda and write: "Day at the beach." But not in  a  any beach, but in  Ahead  Of course.


Tell me how many people are you

It won't be very  hard  convince your companions. Just say these 4 words: sun, beer, beach and I spit.


Avante Claro takes care of the rest

Just come in and ask for what you want.

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